Since Writing Last


  • The beautiful hydrangea he gave me for Valentine’s Day, died. RIP, Hydrangea.
  • I went to Georgia for a week where we celebrated my parents 40th anniversary while Mama recovered from pneumonia, collaborated in directing a play, fixed us yummy meals and took Bella Rose on Grandbaby Dates.
  • We sisters had some time to be together, catch up on life and sit in the front yard reading old journals to each other…that was heavenly and hilarious.
  • The faithful little computer I was using, Died. So I replaced it and am have Nooooo Trouble with the myriad of frustrating problems I had with the last one.
  • Bella Rose turned 9 months and talks in a growly little voice, saying all sorts of words we don’t understand, but the faces she makes while saying them is adorable. She’s eating avocado, avocado and avocado, bananas, strawberries – any berries, and is pulling up on everything.
  • A beautiful wedding took place in the quiet woods of Georgia at a little church I love deeply. The bride and the groom worked like trojans in wedding prep and were so sweet and chill and kind on their wedding day. It was a pleasure to be with them and document their day.
  • Since coming home nearly two weeks ago, we’ve  been traveling off and on. Packing, staying in hotels hanging by the pool while daddy works (woot woot!), going home and unpacking, washing clothes and getting to make home food….yummm….then packing up again and leaving. Still, there are peaceful moments that we take to Stop and Smell the Roses along the way, and I admit, I do it as many times as possible.


At home with Dutch and Daddy

feb16-268This is the way she likes saying goodnight.

Have a beautiful Thursday, y’all!


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